TALLERES BOCANEGRA Manufacturing Burgos Burgos
TALLERES BOCANEGRA Manufacturing Burgos Burgos

Quality is important in all activities of the company. Quality is the responsibility of each and is achieved through continuous improvement. Consistently, the company looks for ways to make things better. The final quality begins with the quality of the component materials of the final product.

Aware of the responsibility incumbent upon it as a supplier and due to increasing consumer awareness for quality issues and set reliability, the dramatic increase in global competition, to the acceleration of the life cycle of many products and current trends towards automation and robotization of industrial processes, the company has created a safe and effective system of quality products and services focused on product quality.

The management is aware that to maintain the quality of its products and services, it is necessary to independently provide the means and materials, all staff understand the organization, and as such accept and implement the guidelines, procedures and other instructions that flow of legislation and of any documents concerning the quality applicable. To achieve this, it supports and encourages manufacturing and training program for all staff of the organization.

The quality policy BOCANEGRA J. WORKSHOPS AND SONS, SL, is as follows:

The purpose of the company is customer satisfaction. It maintains a common, cordial and respectful treatment and striving for excellence of products made to provide a high level of service to all its customers. Consequently, it provides products and services with a high level of quality.

Each component J. BOCANEGRA WORKSHOPS AND SONS, SL known actions with your customers and what they expect from their work.

All components of the company, starting with the management, quality must precede all other considerations of work.

Priority is given to the prevention of defects to avoid correct when they appear. To do this, it keeps the principle of doing things right the first time.

Talleres J. Bocanegra and Sons has been certified ISO 9001: 2000.

The company plans the quality considering it has some material and human resources that allow you to control, so procedimentada from making offers to the completion of orders placed by customers as well as perform the necessary monitoring to ensure compliance with contract requirements or orders.